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  • 65% lighter weight than solid balls

  • High surface hardness / fracture toughness

  • Electron Beam or Laser welded

  • Stronger than nylon balls

  • Corrosion resistant

  • Field tested with over 5 million in use

  • Various sizes, materials, grades available

  • 100% USA made

Airball Products' metal hollow balls are typically used in Aircraft Ball Transfer Units (BTU's), Ship Cargo Decks, Palletizers, Ball Tables, Conveyor Systems, Liquid Float Systems and Custom Ball Valves.

Airball Products specializes in Hollow Stainless Steel Balls and Hollow Aluminum Balls.  Our precision one inch 440A Stainless Steel Hollow Balls are currently being used in-flight onboard jets for air cargo ball transfer purposes and in many other applications. 

Airball Products' metal hollow balls are manufactured using an Electron Beam or Laser Welding process to insure optimal strength and durability throughout the lifetime of our product.
  Airball Products guarantees the quality and effectiveness of its hollow metal balls in weight critical applications.

Contact Us At:
(631) 901-5936

  Airball Products, a div. of EB Industries, 90 Carolyn Boulevard, Farmingdale, NY 11735 � Phone: (631) 901-5936 � Email:

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