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Electron Beam and Laser Welding

Application Advantages:

  • DEEPER AND NARROWER. Ability to achieve a high depth-to-width ratio eliminating multiple-pass welds.

  • LOW HEAT INPUT.  Minimal shrinkage and distortion as well as ability to weld in close proximity to heat sensitive components.

  • SUPERIOR STRENGTH. Vacuum melt quality can yield 95% strength of base material.

  • VERSATILITY. From .001" to 3" deep penetration welds, each performed with exceptional control and repeatability.

  • HIGH PURITY.  Vacuum environment eliminates impurities such as oxides and nitrides.

  • SUPERIOR PROCESS. Permits welding of refractory metals and combinations of many dissimilar metals not easily weldable with conventional welding processes.


EB Industries delivers a wide array of high precision electron beam and laser welding solutions. Our tightly controlled processes are designed to address the most sophisticated welding challenges.

Certified EBI technicians operate high voltage, high vacuum, electron beam and laser welding machines � featuring automatic vacuum cycling, computerized controls, and CNC capability.

Our technical staff can design and build tooling or a complete system specifically engineered for your unique electron beam or laser welding requirements.

To meet the varied needs of our customers, EBI can process your parts to AMS 2680, AMS 2681 or to your own specifications. Since EBI is already an approved source for many top companies and Tier I suppliers, we can immediately get started with your next welding project.

Airball Products, a div. of EB Industries, 90 Carolyn Boulevard, Farmingdale, NY 11735 � Phone: (631) 901-5936 � Email:

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