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    (Click here to use pounds (lbs) instead of grams)
Balls On-Board (# of balls) units
Solid Ball Weight (1" diameter 440C) grams
Hollow Ball Weight (1" diameter 440A) grams
Weight Savings kilograms
Fuel Cost (per kilogram of dead weight)1 dollars
Fuel Savings (per year)1 dollars
Solid Ball Cost (varies by quantity) dollars
Hollow Ball Cost (varies by quantity) dollars
Months between Ball Replacements months
Additional Hollow Ball Cost  dollars
NET SAVINGS (per year) using Hollow Balls dollars
Enter # of balls and click here...

1 "It is generally held that one pound of dead weight costs $100 in fuel costs per annum." (link) - One pound equals 0.4536 kg.

This calculation represents a conservative estimate.  It does not include the revenue generated by the additional load capacity due to weight savings. 


Diameter inches
Wall Thickness inches
Material Density lb/in�
Solid Ball Weight grams
Hollow Ball Weight grams
Liquid Density lb/in�
Volume of Liquid in�
Weight of Liquid grams
Does it float? .

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Material Density



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