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Application Advantages:

  • COST-EFFECTIVENESS. Processing without the physical constraints of an enclosure or vacuum chamber enables simplified setup, rapid cycling, and less complex single station tooling.

  • LOW POWER CONTROL. Precision welding of foils, thin sensor diaphragms and other critical components that demand consistent weld depths from 0.001" to 0.100" processed with minimal heat input.

  • FLEXIBILITY. Time-sharing and/or Energy Sharing of the laser beam through a fiber optic beam delivery system allows for almost unlimited processing possibilities customized for your application and production needs.

  • VERSATILITY. A variety of materials including magnetic and dissimilar metals can be processed without the need for additional filler material or fluxes.


EB Industries has experience providing quality laser welds for precision applications where accuracy is absolutely essential – including implantable medical devices, surgical tools, electronic and fiber optic components, microelectronic packages, pressure transducers, automotive, and commercial applications.

Skilled EBI technicians operate the most advanced laser welding equipment including 5-axis CNC Nd:YAG laser workstations with both fixed and fiber optic beam delivery. To ensure that all critical weld parameters are maintained, each aspect of the welding process is computer controlled utilizing state of the art feedback sensors. Since laser welding requires little or no post weld finishing, your product will be ready to ship when you receive it.

Inert atmosphere laser glovebox welding is also available with moisture and oxygen levels maintained and monitored below 1 part per million. 

To ensure your project’s success, EBI can provide all necessary engineering, tooling, metallurgical, and testing services as needed.

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