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In early 2003, Airball Products was founded by president and owner Steven M. DeLalio with the mission to produce precision stainless steel hollow balls under proven manufacturing and high quality processes at a price that would justify their use.

Airball Products was created to design, market, sell, distribute and most importantly, ensure the quality and effectiveness of the stainless steel hollow balls in weight critical applications.

Although the company is new, the product is quite mature.  Stainless steel hollow balls had been manufactured for over eight years at EB Industries, LLC, also owned by Steven M. DeLalio.  EB Industries, with almost forty years of electron beam and laser welding experience and having produced over two million hollow ball blanks, has perfected the electron beam or laser welded hollow ball.

Airball Products now takes over the manufacturing of this ball with continued support from EB Industries and it�s longtime vendors.  We urge you to test Airball Products' hollow balls and see for yourself why electron beam or laser welded hollow balls are the highest strength balls at the best price.



  Airball Products, a div. of EB Industries, 90 Carolyn Boulevard, Farmingdale, NY 11735 � Phone: (631) 901-5936 � Email:

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